Part 1. Principles and Concepts

  1. Create at least three scenarios and identify the behavior, MO, SD, and consequence in these examples. For each example, discuss your strategies for differentiating an MO from an SD.
  2. Create one scenario for CEO-R and another for CEO-T. Discuss the rationales for determining the CEO-R in one scenario and the CEO-T in the other. Discuss your strategies for differentiating CEO-R and CEO-T

Part 2. ASR and Comprehension Check Items

Identify at least three items in the ASR and the Comprehension Check I that you found challenging. Share your individual perspective on these items with each other. You may or may not agree on the challenging items. Regardless, for each item identified, address the below two prompts:

    1. Discuss how you interpreted the item, and why you selected a particular response. Cite supporting sources to substantiate your interpretation of the item.
    2. Consider the counter to the answer that you had selected.
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