1 – Course Reading Materials Module One

Please read the following materials:

Chapter 1 from Text A

Chapter 2 from Text B (or find the historical foundations of quality management at the Deming Institute and the ASQ). Please see links below

Source: The Deming Institute (2023)Links to an external site.

Source: The American Association for Quality (ASQ) (2023)Links to an external site.

Chapter 3 from Text B (or find sections in Text A that has the customer focus perspective). I will address the customer perspective in a lecture early next week. Please find below a direct link to the students’ resources for this text:

Link to Student Resources Wiley TextbookLinks to an external site.

Review the main services and certifications provided by the following organizations supporting quality (you will use this information and other studies to complete the first report).

  • The Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • The American Society for Quality (ASQ)
  • The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP)


2 – Module One Discussion

Please read in detail our course reading materials and review the content of the Module Overview section. Answer to the following questions and support your answers with course reading materials and other relevant sources. Sources need to be properly cited and listed. In addition, find at least one current peer-review study (within the past three years) supporting your responses per question (each part). You will be evaluated based on the content, organization, and support of your initial analysis. Also, two additional posts to others with relevant content is required for the Acceptable level.

It is expected that the first initial post is due by, or prior to, Sunday, August the 27th, at midnight. The two additional contributions will be posted during the following week for online interaction. The forum will close the following Sunday, September the 3rd, at midnight. This forum is used for analysis and not for questions or comments about the course. You may post a follow-up question with a response, including critical thinking analysis, to a classmate any time if the initial post is available in the forum. You won’t be able to see other posts until your initial response is submitted. I recommend to take the time to read our course materials and gather information before posting your initial evaluation.

Questions for Discussion:

Part A

Based on the course reading materials, please define -paraphrasing sources and using your own words- quality management and the scope of a quality management system. Provide an example of a quality system, based on your own experience or cases in industry. Please cite sources used.

Part B

The class has been organized in three teams. Teams will be used for different types of exercises to enhance our online experience and interaction. Please see under “People” the team assigned to you and select one of the founders of the Total Quality Management movement:

  • Edward Deming (Team One)
  • Joseph Juran (Team Two)
  • Professor Kaoru Ishikawa (Team Three)

This is an individual contribution to the forum. The team designation was used just to divide the class in three groups to select one of the above options. Please write a paragraph with what you consider have been the most important contributions of the selected TQM founder to industry. Your analysis needs to cite and list sources and will include your own critical thinking analysis (first person statements will be allowed for the critical thinking analysis section). 

Note: Our discussion boards are designed for participants to be able to see other posts after their initial responses have been submitted.

 Module One Report

Due: Sun Sep 3, 2023 11:59pm

NEXT UP: Submit Assignment


Please write a five-page paper summarizing the scope, services, standards, and certifications offered by the three organizations included in our “Module Overview” section. These organizations are: The American Society for Quality (ASQ), the Project Management Institute (PMI), and the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP).

Academic standards and recommendations for this first paper will be posted as an Announcement for you to follow these general guidelines in all types of reports. You will find a new Announcement with these guidelines by Friday. In this fashion, you will have two weekends to work on this first research report. The review of our course reading materials will help you organizing ideas, and how to approach this paper this week. Graduate-level of academic writing requires support from scholarly sources. Each report will need at least three current peer-reviewed studies (within the last five years) in areas that are relevant to the standards or services provided by these organizations. These sources are in addition to the references you will use for the description and evaluation of each organization. You will also cite and list the organizations that are part of this evaluation. The minimum length of this paper is five pages of analysis with double space paragraphs. The cover page and list of references don’t count towards the length of the report. I won’t take deductions if the length of the paper is more than the required five pages.

Please see examples of citations, list of references, and structure of the report as a reference in the guidelines of academic writing (see Module 1 and the new Announcement). Finally, review the below Rubric for the required elements to be covered in this report, the criteria, and categories used for the assessment. A level of Acceptance, for the purpose of this module, requires at least a 88/100 score.

I believe that the first paper is an opportunity to learn and set the standards for future reports and projects. Since we have a system with tokens. I will provide an extra “Tiger Token” for students who would like to resubmit the first paper (optional). The main condition is that the additional “Tiger Token” can be used for papers submitted on time. It doesn’t apply to other course activities nor can be used for late work -you may have to use one of your three tokens.

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